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The theme can get a bit annoying after the first minute or so. The controls are a bit slippery and often don't respond to my button presses which often leads to me crashing into bats and alligators a about 1 second after I press the button.

This game has potential, I was immediately drawn into it. I was able to somewhat follow the story, probably gathering the basic plot, but as I played the game I was wondering if there was anything deeper that I was missing, or if the potential for a more grander story arc was missed.

I'll be keeping my eye on this one!

Very beautiful game! The atmosphere is quite beautiful and the game play is simple yet intuitive and engaging. As specified the game does lag a little bit which could potentially mess up the immersion into the game. Might I suggest trying to load your assets from a server interchangeably? It turns out with flash games mp3 and image files can be the largest assets that contribute to lag, especially animations.

Also, the music although beautiful is a tiny bit loud. turn down the volume a bit (or give the option for the player to tune it to their liking) and I think that this game would be great!

Other than that this game is going in my favorites list!

Almakos responds:

Thank you for this nice and helpful review.
From what I've noticed, worst performance enemies are collisions and other opened flash applications running at the same time. Animations and sounds without physics still gave 60 FPS when I was testing. So I need somehow optimise code even further.
As for the sound volume, I will make tweak-able volume control in the second part.

Thank you!

My name is Kaylin Norman, I'm a game designer with a multitude of talent that ranges from interactive design and story writing to Music!

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